What You Need To Know About Our Dental Laboratory

Welcome to Zahn Technik. We are enthusiastic that you are considering our services, and we are confident that you will be pleased with our abilities to serve you.

Our laboratory has been created to serve professionals, such as yourself, who expect optimum quality and wish to offer their patients the best possible restorations.

Our focus at Zahn Technik is on craftsmanship and service. We are proud to be seen as an art studio rather than a busy laboratory managed primarily to be a profitable business.

The areas that we specialize in are esthetics, implants, and occlusion. These are the fields where we can offer the perfect products coupled with the type of customized service that most big companies and mass production laboratories simply can't offer.

Many of our technicians have worked for more than 20 years on refining the criteria needed to meet the needs of cosmetic dentists with high-profile patients. What Zahn Technik is today is the culmination of our journey in bringing you boutique lab services.

As you know, the only way to really see the value of our work and experience the difference of a true boutique laboratory is by sending your next case to us at Zahn Technik. Simply call us at (949) 800-0990 for a pickup.

Once again, welcome to Zahn Technik.

Keyvan Nakhai

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Meet Our Team

Melina Nakhai <br/><br/>
CFO Chief Financial Officer
Melina Nakhai

CFO Chief Financial Officer
Keyvan Nakhai <br/><br/>
CEO Chief Executive Officer
Keyvan Nakhai

CEO Chief Executive Officer
Maira Alvarado <br/><br/>
Office Manager
Maira Alvarado

Office Manager
Karina Coronel <br/><br/>
Workflow Manager
Karina Coronel

Workflow Manager
Dilshan Fernando </br></br>General Manager
Dilshan Fernando

General Manager
Saghar Norouzi </br></br>Marketing Manager
Saghar Norouzi

Marketing Manager