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DIgital cases

 There is no doubt that digital dentistry is changing many of the paradigms in our industry. From taking the Impression to fabricating restorations, digital technology has grown very rapidly.  Although many have adopted digital technology for their basic needs, it is in some of the more complex case techniques where this technology may be utilized the best.

 Our talented CAD-CAM technicians can exactly duplicate the approved Provisionals or Go By Model in restorative material.  Here at Zahn Technik we will make sure that the restorations are in an optimum position functionally and esthetically, before we start the sintering of the Zirconia or pressing of the Emax restorations.


As an added service, we can email the CAD IMAGES of our design to you for review, before we mill and finalize the restorations. You would have the chance to discuss the design, length, width and contours of the monolithic restorations before you get them back completed. Our Goal at Zahn Technik is to use the digital technology to deliver consistent quality every time.

Currently, we are able to accept files from the following systems: 

  • Trios (3Shape) 
  • iTero (Cadent) 
  • Cerec (Sirona)
  • Elos
  • Medit
  • Carestream
  • Any other STL files